Algorithmic and rules-based fraud models

Algorithmic and rules-based fraud models

A high-level look at two fraud models employed by financial service providers

PCI compliance at fintech startups

PCI compliance can help a fintech startup grow and mature on multiple dimensions—but it isn't appropriate for everyone

What is PCI?

What is PCI?

As the payments industry tries to keep fraud down and keep consumers safe, that’s where the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) comes in

The cost of splitting the bill

Why divvying things up in the ridesharing business isn’t always free

What is KYC and why does it matter?

A closer look at how Know Your Customer rules work—and how they impact the financial system

What is anti-money laundering?

A look at how banks and governments keep their money clean with AML rules

PayPal’s history of fighting fraud

PayPal revolutionized anti-fraud measures. Now, new technologies are taking inspiration from the payment giant