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Finterview: Meg Nakamura of Shift Payments

Shift Payments co-founder Meg Nakamura talks API platforms, unexpected challenges of starting out with cryptocurrency, and what the future looks like for Shift

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Granting bank charters to fintech companies

A new OCC policy intended to support responsible innovation

2 Min Read

What does the SEC do?

An explainer on the role of the Securities and Exchange Commission in fintech

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How the OCC is focusing on fintech

A whitepaper from the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency hints that the agency plans to position itself to make fintech a core part of its regulatory focus

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How does NFC payment work?

The burgeoning technology used for tap-and-go payment relies on radio waves and electromagnetic fields

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What might in-store payments of the future look like?

Technologies of the future exist today—but consumer adoption will slow things down

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Inside ACH payments with Stripe and Plaid

Accepting ACH payments was once a daunting process to get started, but these days it’s much simpler

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Sticks and stones

7 Min Read

Identity, privacy, and the blockchain

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How can Ethereum be leveraged in fintech?

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Finterview: David Haber of Bond Street

Plaid CEO Zach Perret talks with Bond Street’s David Haber about today’s lending ecosystem, the evolution of Bond Street, and what businesses can look forward to as fintech changes

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Finterview: Airbnb’s Jonathan Golden

Plaid co-founder and CTO William Hockey and Airbnb Director of Product Jonathan Golden talk payments infrastructure, international marketplaces, and more

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Finterview: Will Davis of Able Lending

The co-founders of Able and Plaid talk startup learnings, backer-based lending, and how to achieve growth in a competitive market

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Finterview: Thomas Smyth of Trim

Trim co-founder Thomas Smyth talks inertia in personal finance management, the power of starting small, the role of chatbots in fintech, and more

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