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A roadmap to frictionless cross-border payments

Trillions of dollars are sent internationally each year—but the process remains costly and slow. Find out how new technology can streamline these payments.

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The checking account is changing—and so are users’ expectations

Increasingly, consumers demand an integration with apps and recurring payments that is seamless and safe. That represents an opportunity for providers.

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New technology can improve your financial health

New financial technology (fintech) apps can take the guesswork out of becoming fiscally fit by aligning incentives with consumers and automating daily decisions.

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The race to build the future of autonomous investing

The future of investing is frictionless, autonomous, and offers competitive ROI. But who will occupy the hub position in consumers' financial lives?

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Are you a platform or a marketplace?

As your business grows and evolves, your decision will have broad implications for brand identity, growth strategy, international expansion, and payments.

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Building mobile payments infrastructure: 3 key learnings

Want a robust, widely-used mobile payments system like AliPay or WeChat Pay? Learn from Latin America and avoid these three pitfalls.

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Cashlessness in the UK

The UK is far from cashless, but it’s not hard to imagine a world without coins or notes

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Bitcoin and the problem of fungibility

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Crypto as social phenomenon

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Sticks and stones

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Finterview: MB Financial's John Piazza

John Piazza leads digital innovation at Chicago-based MB Financial. He chats with Plaid's Dan Kahn about SMB lending, payments innovation, and build vs. buy strategy.

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Finterview: Barefoot Innovation's Jo Ann Barefoot

Jo Ann Barefoot has spent the last 30 years working to get financial regulation right. She talks with Plaid’s John Pitts about DC culture, anti-money-laundering, and financial inclusion.

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Finterview: Poynt's Ray Tanaka

Poynt's CTO Ray Tanaka talks POS, the future of online commerce, and the commoditization of payments processing

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An invisible market of 70 million

Almost 30% of Americans don't have a credit score, but many are actually quite creditworthy. Learn how alternative financial data can unlock this hidden market.

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