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Finterview: Simple's Susan Ehrlich

Susan Ehrlich, Chief Financial Officer at Simple, talks to Plaid’s Head of Strategy and Business Development Sima Gandhi on good versus bad profits, brand identity, and the importance of using both the left and right brain in fintech.

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11,312 banks in the US: The choice and the challenge

The choice and the challenge that comes with America's diversity of financial institutions

3 Min Read

Lessons learned from data access challenges in healthcare and telecomms

Are there useful parallels to what’s happening in fintech?

4 Min Read

Bank infrastructure and inclusivity

When financial inclusion necessitates not just new products, but also inclusive infrastructure

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A global look at the rise of mobile banking

Spurred by changing expectations around payments, mobile-first apps are here to stay

6 Min Read

What is direct debit?

Explaining the ACH-based payment option that’s popular in the U.K. and Europe

3 Min Read

How does NFC payment work?

The burgeoning technology used for tap-and-go payment relies on radio waves and electromagnetic fields

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Sticks and stones

7 Min Read

Identity, privacy, and the blockchain

5 Min Read

How can Ethereum be leveraged in fintech?

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Finterview: Poynt's Ray Tanaka

Poynt's CTO Ray Tanaka talks POS, the future of online commerce, and the commoditization of payments processing

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Finterview: Square’s Sam Quigley

Plaid’s CTO, William Hockey, chats about financial services security with Square’s Risk and Security Lead

7 Min Read

Finterview: Meg Nakamura of Shift Payments

Shift Payments co-founder Meg Nakamura talks API platforms, unexpected challenges of starting out with cryptocurrency, and what the future looks like for Shift

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How KYC might evolve in a post-Equifax world

The 2017 Equifax was historic for many reasons, including its potential to transform the practice of KYC as we know it

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