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Finterview: Erik Akterin of Qapital

Savings app Qapital's CTA chats about what makes saving so difficult for so many, the differences between Sweden and the United States, and getting a fintech startup off the ground

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Granting bank charters to fintech companies

A new OCC policy designed to support responsible innovation

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CFPB signals next steps on consumer data access

How the CFPB plans to prioritize safe and secure data access

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The recent roots of financial regulations

Three things that led to the financial crisis and the regulations that followed

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What might in-store payments of the future look like?

5 Min Read

The primary players in payments processing

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How an ACH transfer works

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What is PCI?

6 Min Read

What is KYC and why does it matter?

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What is anti-money laundering?

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Finterview: Privacy’s Bo Jiang

Talking privacy in payments and the challenges and opportunities in bringing new financial technologies to market

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Finterview: Aaron Harris of Y Combinator

In the first of two interviews, Plaid CEO Zach Perret chats with Y Combinator partner Aaron Harris about the state of the financial technology industry, regulations, and partnerships

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Finterview: Edward Kim of Gusto

Plaid CTO William Hockey chats with Gusto CTO and co-founder Edward Kim about ACH, payroll, and fraud detection

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Rebundling the bank as platform

The future of financial innovation will rely on banks and startups working together

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