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Finterview: Poynt's Ray Tanaka

Poynt's CTO Ray Tanaka talks POS, the future of online commerce, and the commoditization of payments processing

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Open banking movement gains momentum internationally

Overseas regulators find that implementing new data sharing regime comes with challenges—offering key learnings for the United States

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The future of Dodd-Frank and the Financial Choice Act

Unpacking the House bill that puts Dodd-Frank in its crosshairs

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What is the Open Banking Standard?

How a global system of banking APIs can help consumers, businesses, and banks

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What is direct debit?

Explaining the ACH-based payment option that’s popular in the U.K. and Europe

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How does NFC payment work?

The burgeoning technology used for tap-and-go payment relies on radio waves and electromagnetic fields

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What might in-store payments of the future look like?

Accepting ACH paymTechnologies of the future exist today—but consumer adoption will slow things downents was once a daunting process to get started, but these days it’s much simpler

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Sticks and stones

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Identity, privacy, and the blockchain

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How can Ethereum be leveraged in fintech?

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Finterview: Square’s Sam Quigley

Plaid’s CTO, William Hockey, chats about financial services security with Square’s Risk and Security Lead

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Finterview: Meg Nakamura of Shift Payments

Shift Payments co-founder Meg Nakamura talks API platforms, unexpected challenges of starting out with cryptocurrency, and what the future looks like for Shift

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Finterview: Thomas Smyth of Trim

Trim co-founder Thomas Smyth talks inertia in personal finance management, the power of starting small, the role of chatbots in fintech, and more

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Amazon is eating the world

When winning e-commerce isn’t enough: How Amazon is poised to disrupt financial services

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