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Iza Wojciechowska

What does the SEC do?

An explainer on the role of the Securities and Exchange Commission in fintech

Why do bank holidays exist?

Why do bank holidays exist?

Despite mobile banking and 24-hour ATMs, banks don’t operate when the Fed is closed

What does ACH stand for?

Breaking down the system we use to move our money

A primer on NACHA

Who’s behind the ACH network and how did it all get started?

How does an ACH deposit work?

What exactly happens when money gets deposited in a bank account

What is ACH debit?

Breaking down how an ACH debit transaction moves from one bank account to another

How an ACH transfer works

More on ACH transfer types, costs, and differences versus other transfer options

How does an ACH payment work?

The speed and low cost of ACH makes it an attractive alternative to other payment options

What is ACH?

Learn where ACH came from, what it is used for, and how it works

The basics of ACH credit

A closer look at how an ACH credit transaction happens and the parties involved

How an ACH transaction works

Learn more about how an ACH transaction is processed, what it is used for, and what risks are involved

Understanding credit unions

As credit unions grow in popularity, it’s important to understand how they differ from other financial institutions—and how to serve those consumers that prefer them

Credit or debit: What’s the difference?

The numbers game

Unpacking the bank account, routing, debit, credit and other numbers that ultimately control how we send and receive money

How debit cards stack up

The debt debit owes to ATMs, banks, and credit card networks in becoming America’s preferred form of payment

What are co-branded credit cards?

In 2014, payments made with co-branded cards amounted to 31 percent of all credit card purchases

A history of account and routing numbers

A history of account and routing numbers

Accounting for the development of two identifiers that suddenly underpin a vast number of transactions

The cost of splitting the bill

Why divvying things up in the ridesharing business isn’t always free

What is KYC and why does it matter?

A closer look at how Know Your Customer rules work—and how they impact the financial system